Thursday, October 27, 2016

Imagine by Black Ice

Black Ice spoken word “Imagine” is his take on how the lack of opportunities in the inner city deprives young men and women of a positive self image and self respect.


What happens in neighborhoods where the self esteem 
 has been over shadowed by the decay
 and the children no longer play the way they used to.
Where young boys choose to follow figures that had no father figures.
A place where lives have been reduce to mere names on a nigger wall
 a lot of dead shames on a nigger wall
 ‘cause most of my childhood friends died over some dumb shit.
It’s like we all on some slum shit
 what happened to that “We Shall Overcome” shit?
Nigger, where I’m from, shit, they done torn down the projects
 and took away neighborhood sports. 
It’s a place where little black boys put on jerseys and shorts.
Dream big about stardom on fine hard wood courts
 but await to the harsh reality of the strip unfinished inner city floor
 where life splinters.
Cold winters are sheltered by crack houses
 instead of recreation centers that they claim to not have the paper 
 to keep open for operation.
The deconstruction of the black family has been in 
 perpetuation ever since Willie Lynch has set his theory in motion.
Decharacterization was his sole promotion.
Therefore, if you take the basketball out of his face and 
 put the coke in its place he’ll still score.
What’s a young boy when he doesn’t want to do wrong but there’s
 a lock on the right door.
When he has the heart of a soldier, the aggression of a prize fighter 
 but no one has taught him what to fight for, see 
 most our families are fatherless and quite poor.
So we miss out on meals as well as kisses and hugs
 you’ve got the audacity to cut the funding for the 
 facilities to keep us off the streets
 then ask us Why we sell drugs?
But imagine if niggers put down their dice and guns
 and picked up their daughters and sons and 
 put a little love right there where the hate is.
Imagine if niggers had chance to become accountants
 before being taught what the difference between wet and dry is.
Imagine if these little inner city kids had the same type of schools
 as these little rich kids had way out there in the sticks.
Imagine if niggers had the chance to 
 learn chemistry for real before we learn how to whip 7½ out of six.
Imagine if these little black girls could go to these dance schools for free
 and learn to love the dream of that Broadway show.
Imagine if she wasn’t forced into a game where you assume a 
 filthy name to put your soul and ass up for show.
Imagine she was taught to love herself, imitate no one, 
 demand and demonstrate respect when she walks though the door.
Imagine if she watched the tellie and saw herself during the prime time hour instead 
 of the four o’clock video whore.

Wednesday, October 05, 2016

Ick! 7 germy spots around the home

Ick! 7 germy spots around the home
Check out what may need a good cleaning now

So you might have a guess or two about where germs tend to lurk in homes. See a few hot spots below — some may surprise you.

Prime places for germs 
Of course, there are lots of objects, nooks and crannies in the average home that may harbor germs. In fact, there are too many to mention here. So, let's focus on a few that you won't want to miss.

Make a habit of regularly cleaning these items to reduce your exposure to germs, including those that can cause illness.

1. Kitchen sponges and dishcloths. They pick up germs and spread them. Since they're often damp, they're also perfect breeding grounds for bacteria.

Quick tips: You can actually zap a wet sponge in the microwave for one to two minutes to kill germs — or run it through the dishwasher. Use clean dishcloths or paper towels. Wash dish towels and rags in the hot cycle of your washing machine.

2. Toothbrush holders. In your normal routine, you may forget to wash these. But remember this: They're often placed near flushing toilets, which can send germs flying.

Quick tips: Scrub toothbrush holders with hot soapy water. If you use a cup or other freestanding holder, put it through the dishwasher once or twice a week on the hot cycle.

3. Pet bowls and toys. You don't want to fetch bacteria, yeast and mold during playtime.

Quick tips: Wash bowls and hard toys with hot soapy water. Toss soft toys in your washing machine on a hot cycle. And always wash your hands after playing with household pets — especially before eating.

4. Countertops and cutting boards. These frequently used surfaces need on-the-spot attention to stay clean.

Quick tips: Clean countertops with hot soapy water, especially before and after preparing food. After each use, wash cutting boards. To avoid cross contamination, always use separate cutting boards for fresh produce and raw meat, poultry or fish.

5. Knobs and handles. Items people touch frequently tend to get germy.

Quick tips: Clean doorknobs, toilet handles, faucets, etc., often with hot soapy water or disinfecting wipes — especially if someone in the household is ill.

6. Coffee makers. Their water reservoirs make damp, cozy homes for bacteria to multiply in.

Quick tips: Follow the manufacturer's directions for your coffee maker. Most advise cleaning every 40 to 80 brew cycles — or at least monthly.

7. Finally … the kitchen sink. It's last, but certainly not least. The sink can harbor germs from all sorts of sources, from dirty sponges to grimy pans.

Quick tips: Wash the sides and bottom regularly with hot, soapy water. And don't overlook the strainer in the drain— clean it too.

You can also use a mild water-bleach solution* or other sanitizing solution to clean some items, such as sinks, countertops, cutting boards and pet items. Rinse in clean water — and dry.