Saturday, May 08, 2010

SDSU Says “No!” to Local Students

Did you know that SDSU has denied admission to 4,000+ CSU-qualified students from San Diego who applied for Fall 2010?

SDSU’s administration (President Stephen Weber, Provost Nancy Marlin, Ethan Singer and Sandra Cook) says it’s due to budget cuts. But many community leaders, parents, students and taxpayers know otherwise and have made their opposition known for months!

Join us in opposing this injustice against our youth. We are fighting to keep the doors to SDSU open for local students!

Use your cell phone ASAP and call the CSU Chancellor and our local CSU Trustee and tell them to restore the local guaranteed student admit policy and make SDSU stop denying our students!---Chancellor Charles Reed (562) 951-4700 & CSU Trustee Linda Lang (CEO of Jack in Box): (562) 951-4020 or (858) 571-2121

Please also ask your friends to call!

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