Saturday, March 05, 2011

Bon Appétit in San Diego

5965 EI Cajon Boulevard
San Diego (619) 269-9904

Samia and George Salameh, the operators of one of San Diego's newest spots for budget-conscious diners, designed an attractive home-style decor for Alforon, their tiny storefront restaurant near the multiethnic City Heights district. The beamed ceiling and wrought iron chandelier evoke a home in 19th-century Lebanon, while the 21st-century menu of baked-to-order flatbreads with myriad Middle Eastern toppings are as familiar today as they would have been then. Hot, chewy, and delicious, the breads can be garnished simply with the spice blend called za' atar or elaborately with cheeses, vegetables, and meats, alone or in combination. Salads (one made with torn bread), appetizers of hummus and roasted eggplant. and crisp, honeyed baklava are other specialties of this charming little place.
- review by David Nelson, March 2011

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