Wednesday, June 29, 2011

True/False: Turkey bacon is more nutritious than pork

FALSE: the hefty salt and fat found in some turkey bacon negate its positives. Bacon is a prime example of why label-reading is important. Pork bacon comes in smoky, super-thick, fatty slabs but also in naturally leaner center-cut slices; the latter can contain as little as 60 calories, 1.5g sat fat, and 260mg sodium per slice. Turkey bacon also wanders all over the nutrition map. A slice of Jennie-O’s ultra-lean version is a nutrition bargain, at 20 calories, 0g sat fat, and 120mg sodium. But others can contain the same sat fat as center-cut pork bacon – and even more sodium.

WHAT TO DO: If you like pork, choose a lean, high-flavor cut. If you need less fat, find a lean, lower-sodium turkey product.

source: Cooking Light, July 2011, p.99

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