Saturday, May 12, 2012

Not knowing how to swim was not a barrier

Several of this year’s Navy SEALs who participated in the 2012 Combine Competitions did not know how to swim until they joined the Navy.

African-Americans historically do not learn how to swim and have an emotional barrier to learning how to swim. Everyone can be taught how to swim – and a number of this year’s elite Navy SEALs did not know how to swim when they joined the Navy.

There are no shortcuts to become a Navy SEAL. However, these men had an open mind and learned how to swim and prepared themselves for the next steps. It takes a special dedication to compete in collegiate athletics for four years. These men on this list applied themselves and they excelled to the point where they were invited to participate in the 2012 Regional Combines.

CDR Brent "Noise" Phillips
Navy Recruiting Command
Millington, TN
cell: 901-288-5269

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