Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Some thoughts on black "Greeks" by Dr. Gregory Parks

Greetings All:

In the past couple of weeks, my colleagues and I have completed or made significant headway on a number of projects dealing with black Greek-letter organizations (BGLOs). If interested, you can access a number of them below via hyperlinks:

I just had my article on the challenges the come with holding BGLO national presidents accountable. The article probably doesn't make me popular with some BGLO members, but at least I'm consistent in critiquing undergraduates around issues of hazing and alumni about broader issues of rule and law violation - Gregory S. Parks, Social Networking and Leadership Accountability in (Quasi) Secret Organizations [], 2 Wake Forest Law Review Common Law 39 (2012).

I have two forthcoming, empirical articles on BGLO hazing issues. The first explores what BGLO pledges know about their hazing experiences and when they know it and how such knowledge, and its implications, might be proven in a court of law. Gregory S. Parks & Rashawn Ray, Poetry as Evidence __ University of California Law Review __ (2013). The second explores what beliefs BGLO members have about the utility of hazing and the extent to which those beliefs are factually born out. Gregory S. Parks, Shayne E. Jones, & Matthew W. Hughey, Belief, Truth, and Pro-social Organizational Deviance, __ Howard Law Journal __ (2013). Drafts of both can be downloaded from my Social Science Research Network author's page at []

I also have two other articles that are forthcoming. One deals with the variety of challenges that BGLO fraternities face and how those issues highlight the divide between the organizations' ideals and their reality. Gregory S. Parks & Rodney T. Cohen, The Great Divide: The Chasm between Black Fraternal Ideals and Reality __ Spectrum: Journal on Black Men__ (2013). The other explores the liability that Greek Affairs advisors might place their in given their level of competence in working with BGLOs. Gregory S. Parks & Dorsey Spencer, Student Affairs Professionals, Black “Greek” Hazing, and University Civil Liability __ College Student Affairs Journal __ (2013). Drafts of both can be downloaded from my Social Science Research Network author's page.

The special journal issue on black fraternal orders that Matthew Hughey and I edited is out. Matthew W. Hughey & Gregory S. Parks, Thematic Issue on Black Fraternal Organizations [], 16 Journal of African American Studies 595-729 (2012).

I've submitted an article for publication that is a companion piece to Poetry as Evidence, and further analyzes how broader aspects of BGLO pledge culture might be used in litigation by defendants. Gregory S. Parks, Shayne E. Jones, Rashawn Ray, & Matthew W. Hughey, Complicit in their Own Demise? (under review). The draft will be accessible for downloaded from my Social Science Research Network author's page in a day or two.

In the next couple of weeks, I will wrap-up two other articles. One explores some methods for ending hazing within BGLOs. Gregory S. Parks & Shawna M. Patterson, Changing Hazing Attitudes (and Hopefully Behavior) among Black “Greeks”. The other explores BGLOs as complex organizations and how the issues embedded within that complexity may undermine BGLOs racial uplift activism. Gregory S. Parks, Rashawn Ray, & Shawna M. Patterson, Organizational Complexity and Civic Activism, __ Harvard Education Review __ (invited submission). My coauthor on this paper, Shawna Patterson, and I will present a version of this paper at the Association of Fraternity/Sorority Advisors Annual Conference if you will be there and can swing by the session.

I am also working on some shorter, lay articles and blogposts on gay men in black fraternities, solutions to the issue of hazing within BGLOs, and whether the National Pan-Hellenic Council has run its course and should be disbanded.

Finally, my coauthor Matthew Hughey and I sent our book manuscript off to our publisher. The Wrongs of the Right: Race and the Republican Party in the Age of Obama (NYU Press). Look for it in 2013. We will start work on a massive book project, with Rashawn Ray, in the next couple of months, about hazing within BGLOs.

Thanks for your time.

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