Friday, February 01, 2013

Academic Success is More Important Now than Ever!

This isn’t a second half; it’s a whole new ballgame
We all know academic success is important (duh, that’s why we go to school). It gets talked about a lot in August as people gear up for the fall semester and a “new year.” But did you know that on average, college students earn lower grades in the spring semester than in the fall semester? This semester is a fresh new slate, so treat it just like the beginning! Here’s how:
1. Go to Class
This sounds ridiculously obvious. However, going to class is terribly underrated. It’s much easier to learn by actually attending and participating than just reading (which you may or may not have done).
2. Meet With an Academic Advisor
There are staff members on your campus that are paid to help you achieve academic success by making sure you take the classes to put you on the path to achieve your career goals. Why don’t you use them? Make sure you schedule an appointment with them at least once a semester to make sure you are in the right classes (some may not be in your major or college) to help you achieve your goals after college.
3. Have a Plan
We see so many cheesy tips about how everyone should have a study buddy or schedule time to study. But everyone learns differently, so catch-all tips are just nonsensical. It works much better to have a plan and know what works for you and create some
accountability to make sure you do it.

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