Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Montaro Caine - A Novel by Sidney Poitier

Montaro Caine
A Novel by Sidney Poitier

Want to know what the new novel Montaro Caine (in bookstores May 7) is about? Well, I'll simply say that it's about 300 pages and it will knock you out! Ordinarily I'd share a plot twist or two, but the author has asked that I not give anything away, and since the author is Sidney Poitier, I'm happy to oblige. I first met Sidney when Oprah interviewed him for 0. Sometimes it's best not to sit down with a living legend, but Mr. Poitier did not disappoint. He was insightful, elegant, and able to tell a great story, and 13 years later, the only thing that's changed is that now the story is fiction. "My goal," he told me, "is to take readers on a wonderful ride." Done!

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