Saturday, September 28, 2013

The Only Direction Now is UP

When you are down, the only direction now is UP.
You may be tired… but stay inspired to press on.
GET UP, procrastination is a thief.
STAND UP and shake off the worry, stress, and anger.
SPEAK UP about your requests and concerns.
CHEER UP and COUNT UP your blessings.
THINK UP this too shall pass.
GIVE UP the depression, sorrow, blame, shame and anger.
LIGHTEN UP enjoy each day, let go of fear and stress. Share your smile.
BOUNCE BACK UP from setbacks. Only the strong survive. Begin again wiser and stronger.
GROW UP take responsibility for your relationships, choices, and the quality of your life.
Do not play the "blame game." LIFT UP your head.
RISE UP early.
KEEP UP with your goals and education.
Get FIRED UP about your possibilities and purpose.
POLISH UP your gifts and talents.
CLEAN UP your surroundings and get rid of clutter.
SHAPE UP your health is your first wealth. Eat healthy, fresh foods, drink water and exercise.
SAVE UP for unexpected emergencies and your peace of mind.
REACH UP for guidance, mentoring and coaching.
SHOW UP be dependable and punctual for your appointments. 
HOOKUP with people who are on-the-grow. Your associations can determine your destination.
BOOST UP your courage, self-esteem and confidence.
BUILD UP your ministry/acts of kindness/service to others.
FOLLOW UP on your tasks and your commitments.
MAKE UP your mind to stay focused.
Keep the main thing.. the MAIN THING' DON'T GIVE UP...anything is possible if you believe in yourself, and DO NOT GIVE UP.

by Jewel Diamond Taylor 1991

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