Thursday, November 07, 2013

kCura's core values

Be an excellent communicator.

Communicate clearly, answer questions directly, listen to others, and remove any unnecessary words in writing. › Communication is more effective when people can tell that you believe in what you're doing; make it fun, and don't take yourself too seriously. › You don't have all the answers. Be curious, ask questions, and create a dialogue.
Exceed the expectations of our customers and your colleagues.

Go the extra mile to provide outstanding customer service, and treat fellow employees like customers. › Every task is worth doing well and better than anyone else. › Execution is everything. Be meticulous. › This value applies to everything we do, no matter how small.
Hold yourself and your colleagues accountable.

Be dependable, conscientious, and empathic. Focus on self improvement, and know your own limitations. ›  Question your own intentions: is what you’re doing in the best interest of others (our clients, your colleagues, your family, etc.)? ›  Take ownership of mistakes.
Be humble and stay hungry.

Don't be arrogant. › Success hides mistakes and problems. › Keep growing, changing, and looking for the next challenge.› Put yourself in challenging situations so you and kCura grow.
Enjoy and be great at your job.

Take pride in your work, ask to do more, and have fun.› Do it because you love it, or go find something else to do. › Don't be somebody you're not.
Embrace the talents of your colleagues and our clients.

Practice teamwork and collaboration within your department, across departments, and with clients.
Do more with less.

Be frugal and efficient. Commit to constant process improvement. › Never lose the sense of urgency for making improvements to the way we do things.

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