Tuesday, July 29, 2014

A Fast Nickel is Better Than a Slow Dime

I came across this idiom while reading “Wealth Cure – Putting Money in Its Place” by Hill Harper.  While Sales and Marketing professional will always take a fast nickel over a slow dime – in our personal lives, it can be harmful to succumb to instant gratification.  Hill writes, “The problem is that there are huge industries geared toward making people pay to live with those sorts of ghosts. There is the plastic surgery industry, the weight loss industry, the personal training industry, the makeup industry, the fashion industry, the hair-and-nails industry. It stands to reason that many of us buy into these industries because we are unhappy with who we are and, in one way or another, are living with a ghost of a life.”  While we chase the “fast nickel” you should instead slow yourself down and focus on obtaining the “slow dime”.

Hill writes that the two biggest happiness stealers in life are the areas of health and debt. To help focus on generating wealth he created a “list” to help keep focused on obtaining the “slow dime”.

• To build and maintain a healthy body and attitude; to do some form of exercise daily.

• To live credit-card debt free.

• To not let myself fall into the trap of debt in general and live under the cloud of owing money to various entities.

• To nurture and grow deeper friendships and relationships with loved ones.

• To give back in some way every day, whether through my foundation as a mentor or simple acts of kindness.

• To continue to work toward having a family of my own and having a two-parent, stable, and happy household for our kids.

• To continue to act in and create projects that uplift, inspire, and entertain.

• To take risks. and live courageously.

• To approach obstacles and opportunities the same way-with an attitude of gratitude.

• To say "please" and "thank you" even more.

• To give, give, give of my money, time, and talent.

• To remember that money plus wellness equals wealth.

• To be a peaceful warrior, having the energy of a warrior in the spirit of peace.

• To be a purveyor of new ideas and creative solutions to problems, rather than complaining about what "isn't being done" or how things "should be done."


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