Friday, April 10, 2015

Every man over 40 should

Men age 40+ need to:
Blood glucose screening; this test should begin at age 45 and take place every three years thereafter. The test will assess a patient‘s sugar levels for possible diabetes. Eye exam every two years regardless if you wear glasses for glaucoma. Heart test; a baseline EKG is recommended at age 40 to assess one’s heart health. A chest x-ray is recommended for smokers. An annual blood pressure screening should be part of an annual checkup, as should a blood test for good and bad cholesterol levels every four to six years.  Most important, have a prostate and testicular exam. African-American men over 40, especially those whom have a family history of prostate cancer, should have prostate and testicular exams.

Men age 50+ need to:

Colon screening; colonoscopies should begin after the age of 50 and be done every five years unless the patient has polyps or a family history of colon cancer. A colonoscopy detects colon cancer and other colon and rectal abnormalities. Urological exam: it is not uncommon for men over age 50 to experience problems with urination, sex drive or erectile dysfunction. Urological exams are recommended for men experiencing any of these symptoms. Prostate and testicular exam should be a part of the annual exam.

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