Friday, April 15, 2011

Ralph’s Super Nazimarket

My formal complaint prompted the manager of the local Ralph’s to call me. He said that he had spoken to legal and they would prefer that I don't shop there and if I do I will be thrown out. I am absolutely AMAZED that he would start the conversation with, “I’m right and you’re wrong and NO SOUP FOR YOU.” I asked if I would be receiving something from their legal department and he said yes. I am amazed that he would tell me not to shop at Ralph’s. I said, “I don't see how you can refuse to let me shop there.” And he said, “They could and I would be THROWN OUT. He also said that they will not recycle and that I should recycle at Food4Less.” Then he wished me a nice day and hung up the phone.

UNBELIEVABLE. I will NEVER shop at Ralph's again or Food4Less which are both owned by Kroger.

What happened to my legal rights and my civil rights??? So that’s what I get from writing the corporate office. I am okay with that – I wouldn’t want to belong to any club that wouldn’t have me as a member. To my friends and fellow travelers – Ralph’s Supermarket treats some (and you know one) customers without any respect or dignity. Ralph’s Supermarket does not freely accept recycle bottle and cans. Ralph’s Supermarket would rather that you shop at their competitor because they don’t believe that the customer is at the core of their business. Ralph’s Supermarket is a bully. Ralph’s Supermarket is a Nazimarket.

DO NOT SHOP at Ralph’s Supermarket.

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