Saturday, April 09, 2011

Ralph's Supermarket is VERY mean @ San Diego

So, I brought the Ralph's memo supporting bottle redemption with me when I went to Ralph's to return three bags of soda cans and bottles. The cashier refused, then the manager came over and said they don't do that and I would have to go to Food4Less. I showed him the memo from the other manager saying they have to do it, dated March 27th. He was condescending and big and scary and all my anxiety came out. I told him I've been through this before and to please not make me go through it again. I said the last time I had to use my cellphone to videotape them to get them to do it. He refused, stating that I could go to food town and that because there was a recycling center within a mile of the store he did not have to do it.

I told him to call the police, because I wasn't moving and I had already unpacked 60 cans. He said he would do it this once, but never again. The cashier told me she didn't know how to do it and all the cashiers looked at me like I was a homeless person or the devil.

After I stood there about 10 minutes I called out to one of the cashiers who had scanned my empties the last time and asked if they were all just going to ignore me. All the cashiers said the manager said they didn't have to do it. I can't blame them since managers are known to fire workers on the spot in San Diego. She called the manager again and he came back and said they would do it this one time and that next time he would have signage stating they didn't have to recycle and that he would give me literature stating they didn't have to recycle. I told him it was the recycling law that any place that sells cans had to take them. But I was really upset by then, it was all I could do not to cry. He again told me that since Food4Less is a recycling center Ralph's doesn't have to take empty cans or bottles. I told him I didn't shop at Food4Less, but I did shop at Ralphs.

Very upsetting.

I don't think I can emotionally go through it again. I received $10.55 (it should have been $10.60 but I wasn't going to fight them over a nickel given the state I was in). Then I went to the shoe repair shop and picked up my shoe that the dog had ripped last week (the sandles that I live in) and paid the man $9.50 for the repair.

What a day.

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