Thursday, January 05, 2012

Does Your Regional Conference Stimulate You?

I recently received an invitation to attend the 2012 AFLV Conference. The Association of Fraternal Leadership & Values (AFLV) exists to stimulate the growth and development of fraternity/sorority councils and chapters by promoting leadership, educational, and values based experiences and resources for student leaders, their advisors, and the larger fraternal market. The conference is attended by professional GLO student advisors; student life administrators, and coordinators for student development. Here is a list of over 100 breakout sessions offered during the 2011 AFLV conference.


Ø Education Program Block #1
Ø Diversity According to South Park and Family Guy
Ø Where is your line?
Ø 40 Ways to Detect Hazing and 20 things we can do to change a hazing culture
Ø Who Is Taking Care of You?
Ø Quality over Quantity: The Worlds Greatest Excuse
Ø Build a Community, Not a System
Ø Visionary Leadership for Chapter and Council Leaders
Ø Money, Money, Money... MONEY!
Ø From Battlemind To Campus Grind!
Ø Our Military are Coming Home...Are You Ready?
Ø Positive PR and How to Get It
Ø Can I See You In my Office: Working Collaboratively with your Fraternity/Sorority Advisor
Ø The Courage to Challenge: Learning the Art of Positive Confrontation
Ø Beyond Alcohol: The 'Other Drug Category'
Ø Are We Really Still Talking About Risk Management?

Friday morning

Ø True Colors – Discover Your Unique Gifts and Talents
Ø Peer Conduct Boards – Developing an Accountability System That Works
Ø Happy Greek Leaders Produce
Ø Been There! Dumped That! Are You “All That?”
Ø Dynamic Recruitment for Sororities
Ø School Haze: Does Pledging Really Produce Premium Product?
Ø The Evolution of New Member Processes in BGLO
Ø Big Ideas for Small Chapters
Ø Student Leadership Training with an Attitude
Ø Hazing – When Will It End?
Ø The Best Job Ever
Ø Budgeting, Collecting and Everything Finance
Ø Why Do You Hate Me?
Ø Seriously?
Ø Social Justice: When Diversity Isn’t Enough
Ø NPC Release Figure Method
Ø A Night to Forget

Friday afternoon

Ø NPC Judicial Process
Ø Embracing Real Beauty
Ø Connecting “Majorities” to the Multicultural Community
Ø Recruitment Boot Camp: Skills Training
Ø Intake Equation - Part 1
Ø Ladder of Risk: Cultural Greek Edition
Ø Under the Influence… of Stress
Ø Shared Values: Drive-By Conversations
Ø No Money, Mo Problems: The ABC’s of Resource-Raising
Ø From Group to Team – Robert’s Rules Made Simple
Ø It’s Worse than You Think, the Hidden Dangers of Eating Disorders
Ø Navigating Diversity on Your Campus
Ø IFC: What you Should and Could be Doing
Ø Planning the Perfect Party
Ø Naysayers, Crickers and Whiners: Overcoming Barriers to Change

Friday evening

Ø Advancing Authentic Sisterhood
Ø More Than “Mandatory”
Ø Recruitment Boot Camp: The Council’s Plan for Success
Ø Risk Management Inside Out: Questions from the Field
Ø The Choice
Ø Intake Equation - Part 2
Ø NPHC and MGC – Finding your purpose on the Yard
Ø Are You a GREEK Leader Prepared to Impact the World?
Ø The Anatomy of Power
Ø Inspiring Creativity for Greek Leaders
Ø How to improve your order of omega chapter
Ø Stop Networking…. Start Connecting: Get Better Grades, Get Hired and Achieve Your Dream!
Ø NPC Extension
Ø Taking Action for ALLIES: Fraternity & Sorority LGBT Climate Test
Ø Identifying and Engaging your ALUMNI
Ø Teambuilders That Don’t Suck

Saturday morning

Ø How to Support a Sexual Assault Survivor
Ø RISK! And Crisis Management: Not Just a Nerdy Game of Global Domination
Ø Lessons in Development Volunteer Advisors
Ø Finding Passion and Purpose in Life – The Six Secret Steps
Ø Dynamic Recruitment for Fraternities
Ø Standards Boards: 21 Ways to Improve Accountability
Ø Multicultural Greek Movement Open Forum
Ø Chapter Event Programming Best Practice: Avoid Over Programming
Ø How to get the most out of your NPC membership
Ø Is the AFLV Awards & Assessment Process really worth the time and attention?
Ø Social Media: The Good and The Bad
Ø The Powerful Persuasive Greek Leader
Ø Can You Manager To LEAD?
Ø Suicide Prevention: Be a Shining Light of Hope
Ø Exclusive or Selective Membership Criteria: Are we crossing the line of Social Justice?
Ø Image is Everything!

Saturday afternoon

Ø Red Carpet Worthy AFLV Awards & Assessment Submissions
Ø Council Collaboration: Empowering Girls & Women
Ø Invite, Teach, Inspire, Don’t preach – They’ll Lick the Cactus Anyway
Ø Promoting Academic Excellence
Ø Kristin’s Story: A mother’s account of rape, depression, suicide and hope
Ø Strategies for Over-programmed Chapters: Tightening Up Your Calendar
Ø Getting Rid of “Mandatory” and Improving Morale
Ø Open Up the Lines of Communication: Working with Your Campus Greek Advisor
Ø Overcoming Chapter Over Programming
Ø DUI: A Powerful Lesson
Ø The Broken Pillar – reclaiming our core value of Service to Others
Ø Expectation Hangovers: Treatment and Prevention
Ø Facing Trans: Inclusion, Advocacy, and Empowerment
Ø Drinking, Drugs and DNA
Ø Effective Leadership Strategies for Leaders of a Diverse Team
Ø When is Enough Enough? Image is Everything
Ø Take Action: Tools for Combating Hazing

Saturday evening

Ø Community Service Roundtable
Ø Public Relations Roundtable
Ø Forming “One Heartbeat” Within Your Chapter
Ø Engaging the Members in the Middle: The Key to Real Change in Your Chapter
Ø Brotherhood and Sisterhood: Building Bonds Without Hazing
Ø Developing a Chapter Academic Program: Moving Beyond Mandatory Study Hours
Ø Who’s Choosing You?
Ø Up on the High Wire: Promoting Resiliency and Preventing Distress among Student Leaders
Ø Getting Hired: 4 Simple Steps to Landing a Great Job by Graduation
Ø Treasurer & Secretary Roundtable
Ø The Snowball Effect – Addressing “Light” Hazing

Snap shots from the 2011 AFLV leadership conference - "LeaderShape 2011"

2012 AFLV Conference speaker's bio

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