Thursday, January 12, 2012

If You Haven’t Measured It, You Can’t Manage It

Newly elected Chapter officers have an agenda and opinion of what works and doesn’t work for their Chapter. However those assessments are usually based upon opinion rather than fact. If you haven’t measured membership satisfaction, or identified the reasons why your chapter programs and projects failed to meet their objectives, it will be difficult to plot a new path towards success. If you haven’t measured it, you can’t manage it.

Using a free service such as you can poll your membership to determine if the path that you have chosen is matched with your Chapter’s expectations and ability. Here is sample membership survey that can quickly measure what direction your Chapter is heading.

1. Are you attending the monthly Chapter meetings?
 Yes.
 No, I don’t know where/when Chapter meets.
 No, the day/time is inconvenient.
 No, I am not active.

2. What is your opinion of Chapter meetings?
 Meetings are too long.
 Meetings are disorganized and confusing.
 Meeting time/location is inconvenient.
 Meeting agenda is too long.
 Meeting agenda is not substantive.

3. Please rank the value of the following benefits with 1 being Least Important and 5 being the Most Important
 Professional networking
 Socializing + fellowship with brothers
 Community activism
 Continuation of the colligate experience
 Opportunity to influence National/Regional policy

4. What are your interest in serving on a committee?
 I would like to, but don’t have extra time.
 I would like to, but it costs too much money.
 I would like to, but I don’t agree with the Chairman.
 I would like to, but I’m not aware of how to serve.
 I am serving on a committee.

5. Please tell us the amount of time you are able to offer to committee service?
 One hour meeting per month.
 Two hour meeting per month.
 One meeting per month.
 Two meetings per month.

6. Please tell us what committee(s) you would be interested in serving on (check all that apply).
 Membership
 Fundraising
 Scholarship
 Social Action
 Sigma-Zeta
 Pan Hellenic
 Sigma Beta

7. Please share with us any additional information or comments about committee service.

8. Are you satisfied or dissatisfied with the level of Chapter communication?
 Yes - I am aware of all Chapter events, and can plan accordingly.
 Somewhat – I don’t know where/when Chapter events are held.
 Somewhat dissatisfied – I do not receive information in a timely or consistent fashion.
 Dissatisfied – I don’t receive information or enough info to plan accordingly.

9. Overall, how satisfied have you been with the Chapter’s projects or programs?
 Very Dissatisfied
 Somewhat Dissatisfied
 Neutral
 Somewhat Satisfied
 Totally Satisfied

10. What suggestions do you have to help improve the Chapter?

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Mark G. Walker said...

Excellent read Alvin! Measure twice cut once!