Friday, April 27, 2012

(Small) Challenge to Alumni Chapters

Collegiate chapters that are successful during recruitment make the guys they are rushing believe that they want to belong to this group of brothers. You may not realize it, but your collegiate chapter has an identity and brand. Whenever they step onto the quad or into the student center they extend the collegiate chapter’s brand and identity.

Alumni chapters can help collegiate chapters extend the Fraternity’s brand and identity. How? Very simply by supporting collegiate brothers to wear their colors.

Alumni chapters should spend at least 10 percent of their annual budget on fraternity wear for their collegiate brothers. Specifically, order polo or t-shirts from the Sigma Exchange and gift them to a collegiate chapter. Collegiate brothers will wear our colors and extend the Fraternity’s brand and identity.

To Alumni chapters – this is a small and simple challenge that does require some effort and energy – but it is an easy way for you to support a collegiate chapter and have a positive impact on that collegiate chapter’s campus. Put your alumni chapter Vice-President and Collegiate Advisor in charge of fulfilling this simple and small challenge and help build our Fraternity’s brand and identity.

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