Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Ten Ways to Help a Dying Chapter

1 – Plan something that the brotherhood will look forward to. If your chapter doesn’t have something to look forward to, it will become stagnant and your brothers will become complacent.

2 – Realize that the best way to improve is by getting a little better each day. In order to start, you have to step up as a leader and show the way. You say that meetings are a waste of time. Go over the agenda and determine how to par it down and keep the meeting on track. Remind brothers that the meeting agenda will help focus their time towards productive goals. I promise brothers will see your example, and they will end up helping. Someone has to take the lead though.

3 – Eliminate all the crap the brothers hates and spend your time and effort focusing on the stuff the brothers likes.

4 – Cut the dead wood. If you have brothers who are dragging the Fraternity down for whatever reason, have a heart to heart talk about whether they really want to be a brother. If they can’t meet expectations, get rid of them fast.

5 – Have a fundraiser. I have written a bunch of articles on fraternity fundraisers. I suggest having a raffle for a quick and easy cash infusion for your chapter.

6 – Make it a point to hang out together. Strong brothers eat together , study together and work out together. By the sounds of your situation, that isn’t happening in your chapter.

7 – Make your meeting worth coming to. I’d bet a buck that your meetings are either information sessions or bitch sessions. Both aren’t very productive ways for brothers to spend their time. I’d probably skip them too. Eliminate unnecessary meetings that only serve as a time suck.

8 – Reach out to alumni for advice. This is done by calling them on the phone and asking direct questions. If you can form relationships with a few alumni, more and more will start showing interest in the chapter. Also, don’t neglect alumni from other chapters that might be in your local area. They can help as well.

9 – Talk openly with your Greek Life Director and Regional Officers on how to improve the Fraternity. Both have a vested interest in your success.

10 - Finally, read, research, and realize that you are not alone. Many brothers have walked in your shoes and can give you insight on how to motivate, inspire, and develop leadership based on brotherhood in your chapter. Share your thoughts, frustrations, accomplishments with your other motivated brothers. If you follow some of these steps, you will save your chapter.

This list first appeared in http://www.thefraternityadvisor.com/ by Patrick Daley

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