Tuesday, October 29, 2013

San Diego Serra High School Football Coaches (Black Faces) - NAACP San Diego Branch response

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From: San Diego NAACP Branch
Date: Tue, Oct 29, 2013 at 6:05 AM
Subject: Serra High School Football Coaches (Black Faces) - NAACP San Diego Branch - Our response*

NAACP San Diego Branch response to Serra High School in Tierrasanta coaches in” black face”.

The NAACP San Diego Branch is calling for the dismissal/firing of the Serra High coaches who have been reported as wearing “black face” to a SDSU sports event and then posting the pictures on FB. The inappropriate conduct of the coaches is problematic, but the fact that they are friending young adults and students at Serra High and probably other high schools, on FB, is also something that should be investigated.
The NAACP San Diego Branch is concerned and outraged about the actions of Serra High School coaches in dressing in “black face” which is very offensive and insensitive to African Americans. In the 21st Century, where our country is more diverse as ever, African Americans and people of color ask why we have to address these issues repeatedly. You would think that an educator would know this. Educators should be aware that racist insensitivity can have a negative impact on students, today and tomorrow. Educators should serve as role models and not undergo actions that show an insensitivity or intolerance of others.

We see no humor in “black face”. We are confounded why these coaches would be comfortable wearing “black face” out in public. It is still not appropriate, acceptable or humorous, notwithstanding the upcoming Halloween occasion.
We will ask the Superintendent Cindy Martin, of San Diego Unified School District, to take appropriate disciplinary actions against these coaches. We want to make sure our students, who are our future leaders, will be prepared to take their place in the global economy. Our students should have the experience of having relationships with those of other cultures, races, ethnicities, sexual orientation, gender, etc., without the educators giving them prejudicial and racist views from their own actions.

It is apparent that SDUSD needs a stronger race human relations program to make this happen. The NAACP San Diego Branch is ready to support this effort.

Lei-Chala I. Wilson, Esq.
President, NAACP San Diego Branch

*(Some of the typos have been corrected from an earlier release)



They painted themselves black at the SDSU game. The kids are offended. This is Coach Basteyns and Coach Seeley


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Anonymous said...

If you really lookat the pics the coach to left seems to have also stuffed his private area which could also be disrespectful. To the women in the picture. All done in fun and meant to harm no one.??? I would really like to see these coaches/educators wear this to school on Halloween!