Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Marketing You

Resumes still matter, because they are the best way for job hunters to present a quick synopsis of their skills - to make a compelling argument for why they are the best choice for the job. But just slapping all your degrees and accomplishments on an 81/2-by-11-inch sheet of paper and adding your contact information isn't enough. Design matters, because you want your skills and experience to leap out at hiring managers.

One group that takes resumes very seriously is Career Directors International. It hosts an annual competition among professional résumé designers, and it also makes some résumé professionals available at career fairs to provide brief critiques of people's resumes. (Goto NationalCareerFairs.com to find out when a fair will be held near you.)

You might also keep an eye on the CareerDirectors.com site to see whether winners of this year's résumé competition - which was held on Oct. 17 - have been posted, as they have been in years past.

One intriguing approach that was used by the winner of last year's contest seems especially adaptable for IT workers. Sharon Williams of JobRockit.com used an eye-catching chart in a résumé for a sales manager. The chart illustrated retention rates for clients of a weight-loss clinic, but it could just as easily have shown network availability under your stewardship or a decline in data breaches since you took over security at your company.

ComputerWorld, Nov 2, 2009, page 40

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