Monday, April 12, 2010

$180k Navy ROTC college scholarship

$180,000 in scholarship money & earn Naval Officer commission

Scholarship requirement:
- take either SAT or ACT
- SAT requirements: 530 critical reading + 520 math
- ACT requirements: 22 English + 21 math
- Release scores to code 0656 via or
- Scholarship open to high school juniors and seniors (age 16+) through college sophmores
- Nursing option available, become a commissioned naval nurse officer

Applicants must either meet the SAT/ACT minimum scores or be in the top 10% of their high school class with non-qualifying scores.

Complete application online at

For more information contact:
NROTC Scholarship Office: 858-537-8044
Chief McDonald, NROTC Coordinator: 951-551-9416
Petty Officer Matsui, NROTC Coordinator: 858-583-8420
Petty Officer Erickson, NROTC Recruiter: 858-967-2184 edward.erickson@navy

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