Monday, April 05, 2010

If you live in San Diego - you should read this

As you may or may not know, Shelia Jackson is running for election to the SD County Board of Supervisors 4th District. This district is predominately urban and this seat has been held by a 15-year incumbent Republican Ron Roberts. Shelia, the immediate past President of SD Unified School District Board of Education, has put her 'hat' into the ring along with three other Democratic candidates. The SD County Board of Supervisors controls millions of dollars of CA state funds and is the ultimate arbiter of land use for San Diego county. For years democrats have been locked out of the Board of Supervisors and there has NEVER been a women or person of color who has served on the SD County Board of Supervisors.

Today, or exactly 66 days from today, we have an opportunity to elect a women and a person of color to this powerful agency. I have recently become active in Shelia's campaign because I believe it is important that we help her become a member of the SD County Board of Supervisors. I believe that she will be an advocate for openness, transparency, and accountability as she has done while serving on the SD Board of Education.

I have attached additional information for you to review and here are two links that you can visit today:
Facebook: Click Here
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I would like for you to consider helping the campaign directly by either: becoming an Election Watch Captain for your church and organize voters at your church; or by participating in a BYOP (Bring Your Own Phone) Party and call registered voters in the 4th District on behalf of the campaign; or by hosting a fund raising party to help secure funds for the campaign which is being outspent by the Republican incumbent 100-to-one.

You can make a difference in this election and you have the ability to support positive CHANGE for our community. TOGETHER, WE CAN TAKE ACTION... for Our Family's Sake! Please help elect SHELIA JACKSON to SD County Board of Supervisors. Thank you for your consideration.

campaign contact: Ms. Kendra Jackson, 619-549-8305,

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