Wednesday, November 02, 2011

The Frustrations of Student Leadership

Student leaders have challenges coming at them from every direction. Sometimes, it’s enough to drive you to the edge of sanity! Have you ever found yourself losing sleep because too few members are coming to meetings? Too few officers and chairs are doing their stuff? Too few people are coming to events? Too few members are paying their dues on time or meeting deadlines?

Have you ever just felt exhausted from the whole “leader thing?”

There’s hope. Your Regional Director can help you put things into perspective and offers tactics to immediately transform frustrations into possibilities. A well planned Regional Leadership Conference can be conducted as a keynote for a large group, or an interactive workshop or a breakout session for smaller groups. Successful regional conferences can offer perspectives and then facilitates dialogue where student leaders can help each other generate solutions and strategies for coping with their most draining challenges.

Making Chapter Meetings Matter

It’s okay to admit it. Sometimes meetings suck. Attendance is low and those who do show up talk around in circles, achieving little. Or maybe you’ve just got a nagging feeling that your meetings have some extra hidden potential.

A Regional Leadership Conference should offer hand-on workshop or breakout, where hard-earned insights from corporate consulting and student organizational leadership can be introduced to transform your meetings forever. There are practical, how-to tips spanning the whole meeting process. Student leaders will leave better able to:

  • Determine if a meeting is the best means of achieving their immediate goals

  • Establish meeting objectives

  • Ensure ample attendance

  • Gain broad participation

  • Think effectively as a group

  • Have fun while building camaraderie

  • Follow up on individual commitments toward action items

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