Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Rule #1 for fraternity or sorority members

Rule 1: Hazing is a Crime.   If someone is hurt, it becomes a felony. As president of your chapter, you will personally be held responsible to some extent, regardless of whether you were directly involved. If you are convicted of felony hazing, you will go to jail. Each state's law is different, as is every hazing case. Let's look at the recent Northern Illinois University hazing incident.  A fraternity held an event in late 2012 at which a new member died of alcohol poisoning. (He had a 0.40 blood alcohol content.) Twenty-two brothers of the fraternity have been charged with hazing. Five have been charged with felony hazing. The five are the president, the vice president, the secretary, the new-member educator, and the brother who organized the event. Those five guys face from one to three years in prison if convicted.

The Chapter President –Preparing Sorority and Fraternity Leaders for the Unexpected
by Patrick Daley

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