Friday, January 24, 2014

Rule 36: What is the main purpose of the Executive Board?

Implementing change can be easy or hard.  Executive board members for the chapter (especially the president) can convince chapter members to "buy in" before any change is proposed. Remember that good presidents know the result of every vote before that vote takes place. To get members to back a proposal, the exec board needs to discuss it with individual members. They need to introduce the idea and get feedback from the membership. The purpose of these conversations is NOT to tell the member what is going to happen. The purpose is to get his or her opinion on the idea and solicit suggestions for making it better. If you can do this, members will feel like they are part of the new idea. They will feel this way because it is true. Your members will now have" ownership" of the change, and will feel that it is partly their idea. People fight much harder when the idea is theirs.

by Patrick Daley

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