Monday, January 27, 2014

Rule 5: Academic performance

The basic job of a college student is to go to class and study to get better grades.  Freshman and sophomores take classes that have standardized midterm and final exams. Recruit an older member who is proficient in that subject to hold study sessions before tests for the younger members. The older member understands the material and from experience knows what is probably going to be asked on the tests. These study sessions can significantly help younger members learn the material.  Every member should take one "fluff" class per semester to get an easy A. This was huge for people like me. I was an electrical engineering major, and most of my classes were way over my head. But I made sure to take one freshman-level class each semester to get an easy A. This class did nothing to meet my graduation requirements, but it was huge for my GPA. Roughly one-sixth of my total college GPA can be credited to these classes. For the rest of my life, people will think I was a good student because of my GPA. Little do they know how my GPA was inflated ...

by Patrick Daley

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